Supervisor of Assessments/CCAO

Cynthia Baer

  • Fax:217-253-9301
  • Address:Douglas County Supervisor of Assessments
    401 S. Center, Room 103
    Tuscola, IL 61953

You should complete this form to request an alternate assessment if your property is used for model home purposes. The property must be a single-family residence, townhome, or condominium, used solely as a model home for prospective buyers, and not occupied as a dwelling. Please see form for more details.

You must complete this form and specify the reason for ineligibility when any portion of the model home property no longer qualifies for the alternate assessment.

This form should be completed if you want to request an alternate assessment if your property is more than 10 acres in area and is used for open space purposes. Property is considered used for open space purposes if it:

  • Is actually and exclusively used for maintaining or enhancing natural or scenic resources.
  • Protects air or streams or water supplies
  • Promotes wetlands, beaches, marshes, and soil conservation
  • Conserves landscaped areas
  • Enhances the value to the public of abutting or neighboring parks, forests, wildlife preserves, nature reservations, sanctuaries, or other open space
  • Preserves historic sites