Circuit Clerk

Circuit Clerk

Nathan Burton

  • Address:401 S. Center St.
    P.O. Box 50
    Tuscola IL, 61953
    Room 204

Office of the Circuit Clerk is a state constitutional officer elected by the citizens of Douglas County for a four-year term. It is a non-judicial office of the Judicial Branch of Illinois State government. The Circuit Clerk’s office is committed to serving the citizens of Douglas County and all participants in the judicial system in a timely, efficient, and competent manner. All services, information, and court records will be provided with courtesy.

The Circuit Clerk maintains records for the entire Court system and is the official record keeper of all court related documents. The office serves as a source of data and information for various government agencies and the general public.

The Circuit Clerk collects all fines, fees, costs, and penalties assessed pursuant to state statutes and county board resolutions and distributes those monies on a monthly basis to the county, state, and municipalities. In addition to standard fines and fees, the statutes allow for collections of these funds through filing fees that are used to support specific functions of the office. These funds allow the clerk to maintain records more efficiently and economically through computerization without the expenditure of tax dollars.

Nathan Burton, Douglas County Circuit Clerk, is now taking electronic payments for court fees and fines, at The drop box outside the main door of the Courthouse is also available for making court payments. Child support payments cannot be made electronically unless paid through the State Disbursement Unit (SDU). Also, payments for juvenile fines cannot be made through Judici E-Pay.

The Douglas County Circuit Clerk has implemented a new policy on remote court hearings.