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Chana Ray

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Preventing Damages Caused By Storms

Severe weather in the form of floods, tornadoes, snow storms, and thunderstorms cause damage to property and human health in Illinois every year.  Douglas County is beginning the process of developing a plan to help reduce the damages caused by storms. This plan is called an All Hazard Mitigation Plan because it will also evaluate man-made hazards. Preventing damages, not responding to emergencies, is the focus of this plan. The County already has an emergency response plan.

Why Plan?

Preparing this plan will help accomplish three objectives:

  1. Raise public awareness about storm damage and man-made hazards
  2. Identify activities and projects that can help prevent and reduce specific types of damage caused by storms and man-made hazards.
  3. Make Douglas County eligible for federal funding for these activities and projects.

How Can I Participate?

There will be numerous opportunities for Douglas County residents to participate.  Information about how to participate will be posted on this website and announced through other methods such as the news media, direct mailing, and postings at the government offices, libraries and other locations.

Rather than prepare a plan and request public comment, an ongoing dialogue to ensure meaningful participation will be conducted throughout the development of the plan.

Persons representing agriculture, business, communities, emergency management, government, insurance, law enforcement, natural resources, public works, and utilities among other interests from across the County will be asked to provide input and serve on a Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee.

The municipalities of Arcola, Arthur, Atwood, Camargo, Garrett, Hindsboro, Newman, Tuscola, and Villa Grove will participate in the planning process.

Working sessions, open to the public, of the Hazard Mitigation Planning Team will be conducted to help prepare this plan and obtain comment.

Sections of the draft plan will be made available as they are drafted for public comment.

The draft plan, in its entirety, will also be made available for public comment through public forums, this website, and other means. The draft plan will be revised and submitted to state and federal agencies for approval.

Who Can I Contact For More Information?

Questions about the plan and the planning process should be directed to:

Joe Victor or Chana Ray
Douglas County Emergency Management
200 S. Prairie
Tuscola, IL 61953
Telephone:  217/253-9538