Showing News for 'Elections' - '2023'

  • July 18th

    Notice to all Registered Voters

    The office of the Douglas County Clerk will be mailing all active registered voters of Douglas County a Voter Identification Card within the next few weeks. Once you receive your card, if you notice anything that needs corrected, contact the County Clerk’s office at 217-253-2442 or [email protected]. If you feel you are registered to vote...

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  • Current Elections

    Arcola 1 Camargo 1 Sargent Arcola 2 Camargo 2 Tuscola 1 Arcola 3 Camargo 3 Tuscola 2 Bourbon 1 Garrett Tuscola 3 Bourbon 2 Murdock Tuscola 4 Bowdre Newman *** Cumulative Resul...

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